The Wine Crate

The Wine Crate
The Wine Crate
Dimensions: L: 532mm  x  W: 532mm  x  H: 610mm

Available Options

* Colour:

* Tray Inserts:

* Casters or feet:

* Air gap:

* Hinges:


This wine storage crate mixes style with functionality. It looks great, you can keep wine, beer and glasses in it, and best of all you can wheel it right up next to your chair. No more stumbling out to the kitchen with one eye shut to get another bottle.

It’s at home in a games room, dining room or lounge, and all of our Crate build options are available too.

Unique in design, it’s built to furniture quality, not flat pack or bolted together, with at least two coats of primer and three coats of quality paint, with hand sanding between each for a super smooth finish.

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