The Fridge Crate

The Fridge Crate
Dimensions: L: 532mm  x  W: 532mm  x  H: 610mm

Available Options

* Colour:

* Tray Inserts:

* Casters or feet:

* Air gap:

* Hinges:


The Fridge Crate was originally based on a well known brand of fridges and freezers, with a super smooth finish and an offset chrome handle, albeit on the top.

The one in the picture reminds me of a car finish, cherry red paint job with ivory cream interior and chrome. It’s plain, but simple and stylish.

Take a look at the various build options that are available. To maintain the fridge/car theme we sometimes paint these in a water based gloss and polish it up a bit, plus we can spray the inside of the crate in a lighter colour, or choose an accent colour for the tray inserts.

If you love your fridge but need storage for non-refrigerated items, or maybe you want to simulate having bits of car in the house, this is the one for you.

These crates are furniture so they're built to furniture quality, not flat pack. Painted crates get at least two coats of primer and three coats of quality paint, with vigorous hand sanding between each. Visit our construction page to see how.

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