The Classic Painted Crate

The Classic Painted Crate
Dimensions: L: 532mm  x  W: 532mm  x  H: 610mm

Available Options

* Colour:

* Tray Inserts:

* Casters or feet:

* Air gap:


Like The Classic Wooden Crate, The Classic Painted Crate is based on the crates often found in video games. If you've ever played, you'll have clambered over them, blown them up and scrabbled around in the splinters for ammo and health. They look almost surreal in the real world, but offer storage and build choices that are quite unique.

Take a look at the various build options that are available. With the inserts and wheels you have a crate thats been crossed with an old fashioned steamer trunk, you can store lots of stuff in it, separate it up and still get at it all too. Excellent for a toy box. If you just need somewhere to hide a massive stash of bullets and rockets, or maybe just your blankets, you can take one on without the inserts.

Crates are designed to stand alone as a piece of furniture so they're built to furniture quality, not flat pack. Painted crates get at least two coats of primer and three coats of quality paint, with hand sanding between each. Visit our construction page to see how.

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