Crate Build Options

There are a number of different Crate build options available. These are described below, and care should be taken when configuring your Crate particularly if it will be used by children

Air Gap

If the crate is to be used as a toybox, or will be accessible by young children, please ensure that you specify an Air Gap. (It's not optional on Crates that are styled as toy boxes). It's free and it makes it easier for children to open the lid too.

If you're adding Crate Tray Inserts, think about having them in an accent colour or wood finish. The different finish looks good through the gap.

Crate air gap by Original Crate Furniture


The choice of hinges rather depends on the intended use of the Crate. Crate lids are heavy and you don't want them crashing down on your fingers, particularly if you're small.

As standard, and always for Crates that are styled as toy boxes, we use a lid stay hinge similar to hinges in laptop computers. Different to soft close, these allow the lid to open smoothly and hold it's position without any extra hardware. It stays where you move it, theres no hardware clutter inside the Crate and it's safe for little fingers.

If you don't need that and you're big enough to look after yourself, 'grown up' Crates can be fitted with a simple cabinet hinge, but bear in mind there's no soft close protection and it'll hurt if the lid slams on your fingers.

Support cords restrict the extent to which the lid can be opened.

Crate inserts by Original Crate Furniture

Tray Inserts

These Tray Inserts give your Crate a cool Steamer Trunk style and extend the useability of the crate. The depth makes them suitable for cds, dvds, computer games or smaller objects, and they're great for picking up toys at the end of the day.

Generally we put two trays at the top and the base of the crate is used for storing larger items, however we can pack in four or six trays by special order, depending on size and requirement.

Inserts are made from ash with an oiled and waxed finish as they are more likely to get knocked about and this makes it easier to periodically polish and shine them back up. They can be painted or stained in an accent colour on request.

All Tray Inserts come with removeable diagonal dividers - particularly useful for the correct organization of building blocks

Crate inserts by Original Crate Furniture


Crates are heavy and usually on wheels and you don't want to meet one on the stairs.

If the Crate is for a child and intended for upstairs, please consider replacing the casters with feet. Choosing basic feet instead of casters adds nothing to the price. They are fitted to the Crate in a similar fashion to casters so they can easily be replaced later on.

We use an unbraked black caster with a non-marking polypropylene wheel. A braked option is available, and if selected, we fit two of them at the front of the crate. Braked casters will not stop you getting crushed on the stairs, but might help if you live on a hill.

Please note that marking may occur if you drag the crate along with the brake on.

Crate casters by Original Crate Furniture


Simple square crate feet are available in place of casters. They are fixed in the same way as casters and the same height, and are therefore interchangeable.

See above for reasons why having feet instead of casters might be a healthy option.

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