The Ladybird Crate

The Ladybird Crate
Dimensions: L: 532mm  x  W: 532mm  x  H: 610mm

Available Options

* Colour:

* Tray Inserts:

* Casters or feet:

* Air gap:


The Ladybird Crate is one of our range of unique toy boxes. It’s built to a high quality, spots are sunken and painted, no stickers, and edges and corners are rounded off. You can even have it in non-ladybird colours too.

All of our Crate build options are available too - matching, complementary or natural tray inserts are perfect for storing building blocks or other smaller items, with room for plenty of bigger stuff in the bottom.

For toy boxes, consider changing the casters for feet, especially if it’s going in a bedroom. You probably don’t want to be meeting a huge ladybird on the stairs!

Toy crates are finished in the same way as our ‘grown up’ crates and furniture, so they're built to furniture quality, not flat pack, with a smooth painted finish.

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