Single Highline Kitchen Base Unit

Single Highline Kitchen Base Unit
Dimensions: L: 580mm  x  W: 554mm  x  H: 900mm

Available Options

* Colour:

* kitchen top construction:


A single column freestanding kitchen cupboard base unit with two shelves.

Dimensions are as shown but, as these are made to order, the size can be amended. By default these come with a 25mm beech top however you might specify a painted top if it's not going in the kitchen, or no top if the unit is to sit under a worktop.

Screw-in feet are included for levelling, giving approximately 10mm of adjustment (note that the height dimension shown includes the feet). If required, a front kickboard can be fitted at no extra cost.

The example shown is rendered in 'Pea Green', but of course you can choose from all of our colours.

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